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Long Live The Independent Web

The internet is the connection between computers, and "the web" is the dynamic cultural space that emerges from the way humans use the internet.

Most people think of the web and the Internet as identical, but that's not the case.

Specifically, the internet is a set of protocols(largely invented by the US) that defines how connections between computers are made and how data is transfered on those connections. We use the Internet Protocol or IP to address servers(computers that serve information like websites), We use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP when we send an email, We use the File Transfer Protocol when we download a file from a server

As a veteran of the early web, I perceive most of the internet is being taken over by moneyed interest and most platforms are demanding rights for hosting.

I'm a member of the independent web, I own my own website and I develop my own website. I do this partly to learn, because I genuinely love and am interested in high technology, but also because it gives me the power to do and present amazing things.

Creative power means a lot to me. So much that I refuse to host my work on Social Media and large corporate websites

It takes more time and more effort up front, but skills like php, javascript, css, HTML, WebDesign, image editing, animating, app creation, photography, audio and video editing, Linux system management, ect... are extremely valuable and profitable.

On the independent web I feel more like I am part of the world.