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To facilitate tracking down problems we let you see what’s going on dynamically. If your frontend does not have such a compression slider, you can pass the value with the MRL:. You can get a test VideoCD disk image to test here: When you open the configuration dialog of your frontend, you should see a vcd config section. Sometimes the unscaled overlay show some glitch just before disappearing.

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To view EPG data select “Menu 7”. If you have a dolby digital AC3 soundtrack, you can try to enable fonfigure dynamic range compression setting audio. In any case, please keep in mind that you have to build and install xine-lib first before you can proceed with xine-ui or gxine.

This frequently happens with new Xv drivers or when switching to a different video card. The tool vcd-info from the cdio branch of vcdimager can be used to show the entire contents of a VideoCD or selected portions of that.

General questions about xine and this document What is the xine engine? Setjp as in the step above, you can try a known good sample and perhaps burn a CD from that.


the xine project – Home

The last step should be:. See the xine Hackers’ Guide, chapter 3, “How to contribute”.

Why subtitles can’t be displayed outside the video? Find More Posts by uglydot. Once a channel has been tuned Xine will display EIT data the current program next coonfigure the channel.

xine(1) – Linux man page

You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Don’t you use CVS? If you provide pre-compiled binaries or intend to build derivative works based on the xine source please consider this issue. How do I submit patches? If you are using xine-lib version 1-rc3 or newer, this is probably due buggy Xien drivers that do not dine unscaled OSD the XShape extension properly.

If not something’s wrong, possibly you configured the wrong drive. Here are some hints for individual gfx chips:. You’ll find details about that in the linux dvd howto.

I can hear the audio — but I don’t see a picture! Oki, xine doesn’t drop frames now but video output still is not really smooth! This will allow blending the subtitles over the black bars, since they will be part of the video now. The font for text subtitles is selected via config option subtitles.


If you’re using X. The video section contains important information about several Xv drivers.

Xine – LinuxTVWiki

You might also want to try starting playback-control with vcd: It is now their idea, that you shall only play DVDs, which have been produced for your region. The xine engine FAQ list. The simplest things to check are probably “entries” and “tracks”.

Your X server just froze on you? See the section below. Raw devices should be available in linux kernel 2.

Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on the web. Also check out the documentation specific to the frontend e. Check if there are binary packages for your platform If you do not find binary packages for your platform or the packages which you found don’t seem to work, follow the next two steps to download xine sources and install them: