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Mar 26, at 8: There is a newer, further improved beta B Modify the Voltage adjusting function. No, create an account now. But then again, surely noone would buy a card meant mainly for overclocking, and put in their HTPC?

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Generous nevertheless, as this might come in handy with other cooling than the standard one.

ABIT AB9 QuadGT, LGA775 Socket, Intel Motherboard

However it wont boot. And surely enough, it is correct.

We have been testing several beta BIOS releases since our initial review and have come to some interesting conclusions about this board and abit. Our update today will address these issues, fixes, and also provide a couple of performance updates. Abit has lately been utilizing darker colors on their boards lately, and this is no exception.

Feature Set – Intel P abit AB9 QuadGT

The CPU temperature was the limiting factor in our tests using air cooling. Since this was so successful we decided to venture for 3. I don’t think that they can be far off a full release. Maybe you could miss an additional Ethernet port, or even an extra SATA port if you want to win those wars. We found abit had released an impressive follow up to the much maligned AB9 Pro but the shipping BIOS still required a great deal of maturity before we could fully recommend the board.


Approved, but considering this is the C2 revision we were expecting a bit more.

This is fine-tuning at its best, if you feel like the 0. Unfortunately, abit has not updated the AB9 QuadGT product information page so follow the link above.

We ran a whole bunch of tests here. The latencies used were The motherboard in its entirety is in a dark blue shade with heatsinks and heatpipes in copper. But we had no intention of stopping there, but also tried this out to have a reference. The best thing about this program is clearly not the looks, but the functionality.


ABIT AB9 QuadGT: Overclocking

Here we are given control of every voltage and frequency that can be set in BIOS, except for memory timings. At the time of the review being written, the memory voltage is set at 2. Above you can see the three main tabs that are in the main menu; temperature monitoring, voltages eyhernet fan speeds.

We really like the layout, feature set, BIOS design, and most importantly the stability provided by the board. Whether this is correct or not is up to you to quadgf, but it still a good benchmarking application, which why we use it.

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I use a Thermalright XP Bearing all the great voltage settings in mind, we were hoping for some mad options abot for the timings, but sadly we were wrong.

Apr 4, at 4: Mar 26, at 4: Also make sure you’re not shorting out the board on the case – did that once with an old IC7G, incidentally it’s my longest running computer. Extremely good, if we might say so ourselves. Why this is we will leave to you to decide and this will not contribute to any noticeable performance gains, just a thing we noticed.

The same thing happens in 3DMark 06, but the differences are smaller. These profiles can be associated with different programs, so if you would like, quadt could use a very advanced form of EIST while using Windows, or automatically overclocking your computer when you start a chosen program. This is settable between 1.

Mar 30, at 2: Or at least, be rock solid.